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  Impression of Great Wall

       He who doesn¡¯t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.

The majestic Great Wall touches the billows of the Bohai Sea in the east, and traverses the vast expanse of the Gobi desert in the west. It crosses prairies and deserts, nestles up to the Yellow River, surmounts high mountains, stretches 10,000 li and, like a soaring dragon, leaps over the boundless land of China. It was built with the blood and sweat of the laboring people of ancient China. It is a symbol of the brilliance of China¡¯s ancient culture and a pride of the Chinese nation. 

The Great Wall of China possesses thousands of famous passes. Badaling, located in the outer town of Juyong Pass, is eulogized as one of the top nine passes in the world. ¡¡ It boasts strategically important position, long history, rich culture, spectacular architecture, inspiring sight, and great fame. For these reasons, it is rated as the best of all famous passes. Badaling Great Wall is the outstanding representative of the Great Wall of China. It is the best part of Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It is a precious part of human cultural heritages and a center of attention for world tourists. 

Badaling Great Wall embodies the wisdom and civilization of the Chinese nation. It is laid with historical heritages of thousands of years. Badaling Great Wall, a place contested by all strategists since ancient times, is endowed with new historical missions these days. It strides across high mountains, straddles deep oceans, crosses time and space, and serves as a bridge of friendship for all people of the world. The seeds of friendship are sown here. The songs of peace are sung here. Let us pray ¨C May the flowers of true friendship never fade at Badaling Great Wall!